Welcome to Cecilia Chiu's Homepage

Welcome to Cecilia Chiu's Home Page

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Instead of updating the front page, I reckon it is easier to publish my blog site so that family and friends will be able to get news about me in a more timely manner.


Welcome to Cecilia Chiu's Homepage

I migrated to Australia in May 2005 and married a Launceston citizen on 20 August 2005.  Please go to the WEDDING page for details and photos of our wedding.

Before I left Hong Kong, my home town, I set up a new company, Mega Wisdom International, to provide freelance translation and copywriting service. Everyone is welcome to contact me for any Chinese or English language service.

I started a full time job as an admin person in Launceston on 1 August 2005, which is not very relevant to my previous work experience.  I was promoted to a marketing position in October 2005, thanks to the department head.  Compared to the working life in Hong Kong, I now have plenty of free time after work.  Therefore, I will still run my freelance business to upkeep my language and professional skills. 

I have been settling in well in Launceston and have made a few new friends.

I got a bit of time before the wedding and built this website for fun and to keep in touch with my family and friends.  This website will be updated from time to time.  So, please come back and check.






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